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Durbell Engineering undertakes to deliver the highest quality product and service within the project scope by mobilising its management skills and resources in the most effective manner possible. By employing best practice methodology and well-trained staff, Durbell Engineering can confidently commit to meeting the objectives and requirements of any project to the highest quality.




Since its inception in the early 1980s, Durbell Engineering has seen phenomenal growth under the leadership of Mr Christo Brand, founder and CEO of Durbell Engineering along with Brian le Roux and Tiron Theart, both directors of the company.


Initially a Pump and Tank contractor that over the years culminated in the complete solution. Durbell Engineering has expanded into a multifaceted company with a strong team to meet a wide range of project demands.


Durbell Engineering is a reputable, experienced company with a reputation for delivering quality projects on time and within budget and has made notable strides in the installation, maintenance and construction of fueling stations, manufacturing of engineered products.


The company has seen phenomenal growth, making notable achievements in the industry through professional and efficient work ethic and team work.


The highly skilled staff has exceptional long service for the company where the workshop manager and site mangers all have more multiple years’ experience in the niche industry.

Durbell Engineering is a leading fuel tank installation and maintenance company, providing expert services since 1980 to fuel industry giants




BULK Storage Installations

Our quality management system ensures you, our client, receives the highest standard of work whether it be above ground or underground tank installations, suction, pressure, or pipework. We create our system to suit individual needs ensuring minimum length pipe-runs.



We provide reactive maintenance 24-hours, 7-days a week to provide you with general inspection and cleaning. Our service also includes inspections, annual testing, and contaminated product removal. Above our maintenance we also cover blowback vents and overfill protection devices while simultaneously replacing or repairing on leaking lines and shear or check valves


TANK Installations

We undertake an extensive range of services to provide you with an all-inclusive product:

  • Forecourt servicing

  • Forecourt oil separators

  • Drainage

  • Ducting

  • Foundations

  • Car wash bays

Above and beyond we also undertake deep excavation and installation of site-specific shoring systems that are necessary for underground installation tanks


TANK Removals

Our longstanding experience of over 40-years of quality work also extends beyond instillation into decommissioning and removal.

Depending on your requirements we’re able to provide you with a site-specific solution to suit your needs and budget. By liaising with the environmental officer on your behalf, we ensure that our work is done so in accordance with the latest SANS code. To ensure you receive work living up to our wealth of knowledge and experience.


TURNKEY Solutions

Drafting Plans

Not only do we draft intuitive plans we also submit to council to your specific needs.

Fuel Station Construction

Whether it be complete re-builds, extension, or alterations, we’ll help you achieve the solution that best meets your needs.

Fuel Station Installations

Our extensive experience helps us complete your instillations to incredible standards designed to suit your needs whether it be suction or pressure-lined systems.

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Other Services

  • Pump change – overs

  • Repairs to submersible pumps (STP)

  • Replacements of submersible pumps (STP)

  • Replacement of faulty leak detectors

  • Pressurizing of delivery lines / suction lines

  • Replacement of any faulty fittings

  • Testing of UST’s (underground storage tanks)

  • Pumping out of water / fuel

  • Replacement of underground pipe work i.e., applicable to all types of piping   meeting all the Petroleum industry standards

  • Treatment of contaminated Diesel fuel

  • Filtration of UST’s (underground storage tanks)

  • Installation of Id Colors / Dip caps and filler caps – General Maintenance

  • Repairs to Diesel pump sets (A/G tanks)

  • Installation of separators

  • Installations of sump pumps




Year Established


Projects Completed


Maintenance Callout Completed


Awards Won


Durbell Engineering is an experienced fuel tank installation and maintenance service provider with a strong commitment to health, safety, security and environmental management.


We maintain the highest standards for our staff, customers and the environment through carefully crafted HSSE policies. Through these measures, we strive to ensure that all fuel tank installations and maintenance operations are conducted in safe conditions with minimal risk of injury or contamination.


Our team of experts has decades of fuel tank installation and maintenance expertise combined with a wealth of experience in the fuel storage industry.


Our technicians have been highly trained to provide efficient solutions, regardless of the fuel type or size of the fuel tank. We employ the latest technologies and methods to successfully execute fuel tank projects, while also adhering to industrial safety requirements.


At Durbell Engineering, we understand that fuel tanks can be hazardous if not handled properly.


Our staff has received comprehensive training in safe handling practices as well as emergency protocols should any accidents occur during operations. We take all necessary precautions during fuel tank installation and maintenance processes so that our customers feel secure when working with us.


We also cooperate with professional bodies in order to continuously refine our HSSE standards, striving for a balance between safety concerns and economic realities. We prioritize accountability among our staff members to ensure that all personnel adhere strictly to company policies at all times.


Overall, Durbell Engineering is committed to providing safe fuel tank installation and maintenance services that meet each client's individual needs while ensuring complete compliance with industry regulations


Durbell Engineering is a trusted name in the fueling pump and tank industry, with decades of experience and a professional, dedicated team. Their commitment to excellence has made them the go-to choice for the niche fueling pump and tank and related maintenance services.

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